Conversion into rental suites

Testimonial: Dedicated to delivering a high standard of workmanship and service

After being taken advantage of for over 4 years working with a contractor who overspent and was slow to deliver, we felt truly relieved to have selected M-Squared Contracting to take over our next project.

Mike Lawrance combines many valuable qualities such as professionalism, personal touch, trustworthiness and excellence. Mike Lawrance and his diligent crew were faced with tremendous barriers while working on our over 4000 square foot house and converting it into three spacious rental suites.

Week after week M-Squared was faced with more problems stemming from the strict building envelope requirements, to appeasing the City who was watching us closely after our previous contractor tried to do the work without a permit. Mike handled the adversity very professionally and managed to overcome all the issues.

The quality of the house is exceptional. There has not been one person that I have showed to who has not been impressed with the finished product. Mike is dedicated to delivering a high standard of workmanship and service. An example of this was when I was presented with some flooring options and I had made a selection of maple engineered wood which was guaranteed by the supplier for being very durable and able to withstand heavy use by the renters. When over 500 square feet of it was installed, I came by to see it and was extremely disappointed. The floor looked terrible and nothing like the sample I was provided with. I called Mike and told him to stop the installation of it for the remaining suites. During the next two days (Saturday and Sunday) Mike had removed the flooring and sourced a stronger and more economical replacement. At the end of the scheduled six months, the project was a success.

All of the invoices were detailed including all valid receipts and all the crew’s work was closely monitored and documented. We were never suspect toward any of his charges. After all the set backs, the project was on time and only slightly over budget which was due to our selections and structural complications. Not only did my family feel that the project was a complete success but so did the Canadian Home Builders Association. M-Squared was selected as a finalist for the Georgie Awards, the Oscars of the construction industry. I would not hesitate to recommend M-Squared to anyone.
— Elizabeth

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