Wooden Kitchen Floors: Underline Your Renovation Design

wood flooring for your kitchenIn previous kitchen renovation posts, we’ve written about kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. In this post, we’ll walk you through some wood flooring options for a custom kitchen renovation. If you’re looking for some renovation inspiration, why don’t you check out our kitchen renovation gallery?

If we wrote about all the kitchen flooring options available to you, this post would be more like an e-book. We’ve chosen to focus on wood flooring because in the last 5 years almost every custom kitchen renovation that M-Squared has completed, the call has been for wood flooring.

Think wood floors for your kitchen

Whether used to subtle or bold effect, the choice of flooring material for your kitchen has a powerful impact on the overall feel of your kitchen renovation. Wood floors span the mid- to high-end of kitchen flooring, but warrant the investment through what they offer in durability, character, and warmth.

Your wood flooring options (with some pros and cons)

m-squared-kitchen-29Oak floors

  • Oak offers good quality for reasonable cost, as well as the natural character of a distinctive grain pattern
  • Grain consistency is a general measure of quality, and as it increases, so does the cost

Ash flooring

  • The exceptional hardness of ash makes it a lasting investment
  • Its light hue and subtle grain make it versatile in a variety of kitchen designs, and suitable for further customization

Pine flooring

  • Pine has an intrinsically rustic feel, characterized by its pin holes and knots
  • Although its categorically a softwood, it is available in a spectrum of hardnesses, the strongest of which is the heartwood of the pine tree
  • Pine tends to gain character with wear, though it does maintain a pristine appearance
  • Because of its long history of use as a flooring material, there is an abundance of reclaimed, antique pine floors that combines a cost-effective kitchen flooring solution with authentic character


  • Bamboo floors are about equal in hardness to oak, and generally comes in lighter stains suited to displaying their fibrous grain pattern
  • The unique pattern is best suited to modern kitchens, although the growing use of darker stains with bamboo lends a more classical appearance
  • Bamboo is stable and wearable, however, because it is engineered rather than solid, it is crucial to ensure a sufficiently durable topcoat to protect it. Owners of large dogs, take heed

Engineered Hardwood as a kitchen flooring option

We couldn’t write a post about wood kitchen flooring without mentioning engineered hardwood. Available in all types of wood, engineered hardwood flooring has a core of hardwood and an outer layer of HDF. Engineered hardwood is considered more stable and versatile than traditional hardwood and does well in below grade installations (read that as – not your kitchen).  There is so much we can say about engineered hardwood that we may have to devote a post to it.

Thinking of renovating your home or kitchen?

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