The M-Squared team is a collective of passionate, creative, committed and highly qualified experts, dedicated to providing our clients with first-rate workmanship and service. Have a look at our team bios and be assured that each member has been chosen for their professionalism, exceptional skill and alignment with the M-Squared philosophy of providing unparalleled service and quality.


Michael Lawrance

Owner / Project Manager

Michael holds a degree in Project Management. His job: to structure the job from conception to completion. He prides himself on the accuracy of his estimates, the reliability of his scheduling, and his easy rapport with clients.


    Mark Pelzl


    A certified trade carpenter, Mark has a craftsman’s eye. His meticulous attention to detail — to getting the job done right and to the highest standard — is reflected in his exceptional work and the positive work environment he creates.

      David Cook


      Dave made the unlikely leap from acting to construction after he and his wife bought a fixer-upper. Tackling the renovations himself sparked his passion for carpentry, and since then he has thrived in the industry, first, as a carpenter, then, as a site supervisor and now, as a project manager. Dave prides himself on his ability to creatively mesh new work with the existing – which is not an easy task. When he’s not at work building houses, he’s at home finishing what’s left to be done on his.

        John Maher


        John’s background includes studying Architecture at the University of Toronto, which has helped him turn the visions of clients and designers into reality. John has a decade of experience transforming houses in the GTA, and is a qualified hands-on guy who can handle the various day-to-day challenges that being on-site can bring. He’s not complaining though; he loves the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing concepts from a blueprint evolve into beautifully crafted homes.

          Nathanael Lichty


          Nathanael, or "Nat", as everyone calls him, has exhibited a knack for building since he was a teen while working with his uncle on old homes in Port Dalhousie, St. Catherine’s. As a supervisor, Nat gets great satisfaction from admiring the results of his hard work at the end of each workday.

            Brian Fox


            Meet Brian: his background with experience in all areas of the trade is what makes him so great at what he does. Brian got his start in the industry in Ireland. He has been a successful Carpenter, working his way up the ladder to a Supervisor since starting in the field over 10 years ago.

              Nathan Fitzgerald


              "Fitzy", as the team has nicknamed him, tells us that he grew up with toy carpentry tools that made realistic noises, but, didn’t actually work. Talk about an unproductive day! Since childhood, he has had a passion for carpentry. Whether it was building decks and sheds with his father, a custom home with his grandfather, or fishing charters that roamed Georgian Bay with his friends, it’s no doubt that Nathan is very talented at what he does and we are very lucky to have him on the M-Squared team.

                Stephen O’Hanlon


                A member of the M-Squared team since early 2014, "Stepho" (pronounced "Steve-O") would describe himself as a 3H kind of man: Honest, Hard-working and Handsome...and we’re so very thankful that his skills and ability outweigh his modesty. Stephen embarked on his carpentry career 10 years ago in his native Ireland, where he worked on the first French Benedictine monastery to be built in the country in 300 years. In the years following, he worked on many large-scale projects, eventually settling in Toronto to lend us a hand here at M-Squared.

                  Bryan Vanier

                  LEAD CARPENTER

                  Bryan has been part of the team from day one. His 12 years in the trade, keen eye for detail, and hard-working ethos are just a few of the many reasons why he’s such a valuable member of the team. Prior to joining the M-Squared team, Bryan honed his skills by timber framing on Canada’s west coast.

                    Sean Kirwan


                    Sean is a talented carpenter with close to 10 years experience in the industry. Growing up surrounded by carpenters, it's no doubt that Sean is now following in his families’ footsteps...and boy are we thankful for that! He has quite a keen eye and pays close attention to detail. Since moving to Toronto he’s given ice-skating a try and says he won’t be drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs any time soon.

                      Liam Devlin


                      This here is Liam. He’s been doing carpentry for over 12 years, staring with a housing estate. It was quite the task dragging anything else out of Liam for the purposes of this bio, but he did mention that he likes to play football and travel. Since moving to Toronto he says he’s really enjoyed working with the M-Squared team and seeing the different ways things are done.

                        Martin Connaughton


                        This is Martin, but you can call him "Mack". He has been working in carpentry since he was 18 years old. Mack’s love of music is no secret, he’s typically in the background singing away while hammering (and we don’t think he should quit his day job). He has a great sense of humour and a passion for the business, working hard each day to gain more knowledge and experience in the trade.

                          Andres Lingbanan


                          His name is Andres, but we call him "Way Way". His interest in carpentry began many years back and for him, he’s most passionate about seeing the final result of the art of carpentry and being part of a team. Andres is always seeking to learn from the best and describes his time so far with the M-Squared team as "memorable". When he is not working you can find him outdoors and camping.

                            David Gibson


                            David is the newest member of the M Squared team and comes with 10 years experience in the construction industry. He got into his family business and found a love for the job while building his home with his father. When David is not on-site with the M-Squared team, he can be found training Jujitsu and kickboxing. So don’t get on his bad side!

                              Nigel Wilkinson


                              Nigel has a background in property restoration in his native Jamaica, where he was the lead hand of emergency response crews for natural disasters. He says he’s always liked working with his hands, and drawing. Since coming to Canada in 1988, the avid sports fan says that one of the best things about working at M-Squared is the people.

                                Onofre Colos


                                His name is Onofre – which actually means "defender of the peace" in Spanish. That’s one long title, so we just call him "Ople" for short. A construction worker and a cabinetmaker in his native Philippines, his interest in carpentry began in high school, where he worked for his neighbour’s furniture-making company. Now that he has joined the M-Squared team, he is eager to expand his knowledge and learn new skills.

                                  Beth Anne Quinn


                                  Beth Anne, our talented designer, holds a master’s degree in the History of Art and Architecture. Beth Anne studied in Europe and focused on the principles and precedents of Italian design. She owned and operated several modern furniture stores on Canada’s west coast for 10 years before joining the M-Squared team and moving into residential design. She approaches each project with architecture’s forbearers in mind; always looking for ways to integrate the basic tenets of their work into the modernity of how we live today.