About Toronto M-Squared Contracting Inc

Company Profile

A contractor’s word is his most valuable asset. No one understands the significance of that better than M-Squared’s highly respected founders and long-time contractors, Michael Lawrance and Mark Pelzl. M-Squared is a collaboration between two proven professionals who share a host of complementary skills between them. It’s also the result of their shared belief that good construction requires a transparent process, a professional management style, and above all, superior service delivered on time and on budget. M-Squared’s first priority is client satisfaction – and they deliver every time.

Michael Lawrance M2Contracting

Michael Lawrance, M2 co-founder

Michael holds a degree in Project Management. His job: to structure the job from conception to completion. He prides himself on the accuracy of his estimates, the reliability of his scheduling, and his easy rapport with clients.

MarkPetzl M2Contracting

Mark Pelzl M2 co-founder

A certified trade carpenter, Mark has a craftsman’s eye. That attention to detail—to getting the job done right and to the highest standard—is reflected in his exceptional work and the positive work environment he creates.