Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

With virtually infinite potential combinations of styles and materials available, your kitchen backsplash can be your arena for creativity. The overall design and feel you’re going for in your kitchen will determine the materials best suited to the job. A couple of key considerations can help to narrow down your best options.

A while back, the backsplash used to be the exclusive territory of tile work. But contemporary kitchen design has expanded into a variety of materials making your kitchen backsplash options much more interesting. Now we’re seeing beautiful design with

  • Full stone slabs
  • Glass
  • A variety of metals

Slab Kitchen Backsplash

Each material comes with their own offerings in style and feel for your backsplash. To achieve an understated visual continuity, use the same material for both countertop and backsplash. This recent kitchen renovation demonstrates that striking minimalist look.

While some of the big questions about kitchen renovations are relevant here (classic vs. modern; rustic vs. sophisticated), the middle space occupied by the backsplash makes one question most important: will it provide smooth visual continuity, or stand out as a vibrant, eye-catching feature? With this in mind, you can start to examine the available materials:
Kitchen Backsplash ideas 1

Stone (marble, granite, quartz)

  • This previous kitchen renovation post contains an in-depth discussion on physical characteristics and merits of stone types
  • Whether matching or contrasting your countertop, stone provides texture that blends equally with almost any design motif


  • Glass options are endless. Better suited to the modern kitchen, back-painted glass can complement a calm aesthetic with soft colours and basic patterns, or grab the eye with bold colours and flamboyant patterns
  • Etched glass can add an even more pronounced personal touch

Metal Backsplashes

Metal backsplash idea

  • Embossed tin embodies rustic elegance and brightly yet subtly draw the eye, depending on the ‘busy-ness’ of the pattern
  • Bronze is pleasantly subdued, and can gain patina over time, for a classic, rustic warmth
  • Stainless steel is modern and versatile. It can calm a busy visual scene with its clean efficiency, or be patterned (with great variety) to add a smart flair to any modern kitchen.

Once you’ve decided on the effect you’re going for, decisions about material become easier and more straightforward. Within material types, specific decisions about design and coherence await your personal stylistic touch!

Browse our kitchen renovation gallery to begin making some design decisions. And to discuss your dream home or kitchen renovation with an expert from M-Squared Contracting, contact us.

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