How to Find a Good General Contractor in Toronto

How to Find a Good General Contractor in Toronto

Need some work done around the house? The Toronto area is full of general contractors. So how does one narrow the field to find people that will work well for you?

Here are a few things that might be deal-breakers for you:


Do your homework to find out what type of name they have in Toronto. General contractors should be in the business of turning customers into spokespeople, at every job they work. So ask your friends and family who they’ve used and who they like/love/ hate.

This is a great way to make sure your job will be done on time and on budget


Get some price quotes and think about how much you can afford to spend. Bigger companies may charge more, but may bring more credibility to the table. At the same time, newer and smaller companies may be willing to do a bit more to get the job and earn your referral when the job is done.


This is a big separator. Decide exactly when you need this done. If there’s no big rush, a company that can’t start for another 2 weeks is fine. However, if you need this done before you have guests over the long weekend, make sure your crew can be in and out by then.

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