Progress Report | Bamber Road Toronto

If you’ve seen our previous post on the Bamber Road project you’ll be interested in the progress we’ve made.  This project began with the tear-down of a small 1950’s bungalow to make way for a beautiful contemporary 3500 square foot home. Now you can see that cool stair design we mentioned previously.

Bramber Road | Toronto

Our latest project involves the removal of a small 1950’s bungalow and the construction of a contemporary 3500 square foot home.

The home has been designed with expansive curtain wall window openings, massive open floor plan, state of the art kitchen, and a very cool stair design.

Construction began in mid September and is scheduled for completion early 2014

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Indian Road | Toronto

Set on a very unique piece of property, the project at 552 Indian Rd is in itself unique. A 6000+ square foot addition, built into a hill, was added on to a 3700 square foot 100-year-old house. The old structure was totally gutted and re-built while the addition required very complex framing and design details. Hudson-Kruse Design provided the vision for this house and working very closely with them, M-Squared has helped bring new life into an old neighborhood.

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Dunn Avenue | Toronto

This major renovation involves the removal of a two-story brick addition, lowering the basement level by 5ft, replacement of all floor systems, interior walls, mechanical and electrical services replaced, exterior cladding, windows, doors, roof, and adding a two storey rear addition to increase living space.

The transformation of this Toronto house will be truly amazing, taking it from its run down dilapidated state to an ultra modern home, with very open floor plans and cutting edge finish selections.

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