3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Any Renovation

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Any Renovation

Renovating your home is fun and will help you love your home again — or at least it should. Occasionally a renovation will leave a homeowner feeling unsatisfied.

You can avoid this by asking yourself a few simple questions, BEFORE you gut your kitchen.

1. What’s wrong with this picture?

Make sure you’re addressing the issues that made you want to renovate in the first place. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of picking out new colours and fixtures. So easy, you may forget that you’re renovating to make rooms more functional. Now you’re stuck with a new home that looks amazing, but still has the same practical problems you had before.

2. Why am I renovating?

Chances are you’re renovating to a) create something for yourself so you can love it, or b) create something other people will love so you can sell it.

There is a big difference here. If you’re trying to flip/sell a home, try not to let your personal taste weigh too much into what you do. Do what will make your home easier to sell — even if it’s not your taste.

3. Who do I want to work with?

The contractors you hire will make or break a renovation experience—both in the quality of their work, and in how they interact with you.

When looking for contractors, do a good amount of research. Ask your friends and family who they know, and who they like. Word-of-mouth is your best friend in screening out unreliable companies.

Also go by your gut-feeling, and how you interact with them. Things are going to get stressful when sledgehammers start flying and your walls are coming down. Pick someone you can get along with, even when the chaos of renovation starts.

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